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Cyber and IT Assessment

We understand technology.
Using our network of experts, we offer a comprehensive IT assessment and technological systems analysis, offering an independent and unbiased point of view.
Automated and proactive cyber intelligence:
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We have a uniquely developed technology that optimize the ongoing data collection process, to create an effective and reliable intelligence grid. This grid identify leads as required and allow our team of specialists to follow those leads, giving us the ability to investigate and report on any conclusions applicable for the client.

Penetration testing

This test can be conducted on both the infrastructure level or the application level. Tests include mapping of segments, identifying weak links in the infrastructure chain, misconfiguration and out of date systems which could allow an unauthenticated attacker to gain privileges inside the segment. The test examines a wide array of components inside the network that are mostly untested and less secure oriented .

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APT - Advanced Persistent Threat
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The following test is a high level sophisticated penetration test which focuses on information assets rather than information systems. This  attack simulates a motivated  hacker or team of hackers, which targets a specific asset in the organization, be it source code, emails, financial information or general production environment, SCADA environment or any other organizational level assets.

Cyber forensics and response team

Providing the ability to identify, contain and neutralize a cyber-threat with the additional ability to analyze and investigate a specific mobile, network or PC event or incident.

Providing an additional 24/7 response team service with detailed and costumed SLA provided to meet specific operational needs, our team of experts will provide a Layer 2 solution with professional capabilities to best respond, block, contain, remedy and manage a cyber-security incident. 

Computer or data analysis - Stethoscope
Training and Qualifications

WSPM Group provides  a  vast  selection  of Cyber training courses, seminars and workshops for private and public companies at all management and technological levels, all of which are custom made for our client's specific requirements.

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