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IP Infringements Investigations

WSPM Group’s multi-disciplinary team of patent attorneys, forensic accountants, field investigators, ex-intelligence officers, data analysts, cyber and e-discovery specialists have successfully executed a wide range of IP related investigations.

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  • Copyright and patent infringement

  • Parallel market and illicit trade monitoring

  • Trademark investigations

  • Counterfeiting and piracy investigations

  • Customer and market data theft Investigations 

  • Intellectual property theft and data leak investigations

In the service of complex intellectual property investigations, WSPM brings in-depth expertise in a number of key investigative methods.
  • Surveying known geographical areas for IP infringements and counterfeit goods.

  • Collaborating with key officials to efficiently and effectively unearth critical leads.

  • Mounting covert investigations to obtain product samples and photographic evidence of suspect products or trademarks infringements.

  • Obtaining in-country witness testimony and securing physical material of evidentiary quality.

  • Cataloging and documenting seized products to ensure proper chain of custody.

  • Surveilling relevant individuals and locations.

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