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Market Surveys

We speak in numbers:

81                xNumber of countries where market surveys have been performed.
1,200+          Number of market surveys and reports has conducted to date.
1,500+          Number of cities worldwide where EDP surveys have taken place.
400,000+      Number of cigarette packs per year collected and identified.
3,120,000+   Number of cigarette packs collected and identified so far.

Empty Discarded Packs Survey (EDP) 
  • Obtain a representative overview of consumer consumption throughout a pre-defined geographical area.

  • Gain information related to non-domestic or counterfeit products by brand and market variant.

  • Measure the effect of excise rates on the market.

  • Obtain the actual picture of each participant’s market share.

  • Provide an indication on the incidence of illicit products in the country: This may include tax-paid products from other countries, duty free products, counterfeit products and “Illicit Whites” brands.

  • Measure the trends of Plain-Packaging products transformation in the country.

The current EPS methodology consists in the collection of empty packs thrown away by consumers in the streets of the main cities of a given market. Each pack is individually recorded in a datasheet and analyzed by Industry experts, who assess whether it is a domestic or non-domestic pack and whether it is a genuine or counterfeit pack. Data is consolidated and a report is issued.

Focused Market Survey (FMS)
WhatsApp Image 2023-07-31 at 21.09.59 (1).jpeg

Focused Market Surveys (FMS) are designed to isolate and analyze problems in a specific location or a specific distribution channel.  Our focused surveys are a powerful tool for thoroughly examining the scope of a well-defined and geographically limited phenomenon.

Manufacturers and organizations can gain preliminary information, investigate market trends and complaints regarding the availability of illicit products or unfair competition in particular distribution channels or points of sale.


The FMS can be used alone or as a supplement to a larger General Market Survey or Industrial Market Survey. Surveys are highly tailored to meet clients needs and to address the specific issues in question.

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