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About us

Our company

We are a multinational group of experts, incorporated in 2002. 
Through our international presence, the variety of activities, multidisciplinary expertise, intelligence profile and experienced, well-trained personnel, WSPM Group is a highly reliable source of know-how expertise with worldwide operational capacity.
WSPM Logo (1).jpg

W.S.P.M. Group is a privately owned company that operates as a provider of Market Intelligence, Surveys and security solutions, in such fields as Homeland Security, Strategic Consulting, Intelligence and Cyber Solutions, Training and Technology Implementation.


With vast experience in the realm of Intellectual property violations international investigation, intelligence, supply and security markets the company brings industry expertise and reliable, field-proven technologies, backed by a strong, dedicated team of professionals with “real-world know-how”.


The company maintains close working relationships with government agencies, S&P 500 companies, intentional law & audit firms, major security vendors, distributors, re-sellers and technology providers worldwide.

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